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We can design a production Sharepoint farm to meet your requirements. We have experience in building farms of all sizes from as small 40 users to as large 50,000 users.

> Based on our initial questionnaire we will recommend the installation you need.
> Scripted slipstream SharePoint builds using Microsoft Best Practice.
> Performant secure farms. Load balancing.
> The installation can run on Kerberos or NTLM. Claims based authentication.
> SSL can be setup for external users to use hardware termination, or software solutions.
> Access shared data using multiple Urls from inside or outside your network.
> Configure Search for your farm.
> We have built developer machines that are depoyable and quickly re-creatable based on Virtual PC, VirtualBox, HyperV, VMware ESX, VMWare EXSi, Acronis images and Amazons AWS cloud.
> Continous Integration boxes, virtualised QA & UAT environments.

        Microsoft SharePoint 2010


  • Development - Leverage off SharePoint's OOTB functionality, create custom applications, development of SharePoint solutions;
  • Solution Architecture & Implementation - Designing the SharePoint and technical infrastructure and have it implemented according to Best Practices. We do Server builds, HyperV, VMware and physical installs. Slipstreamed installs to ensure easy recovery and exact setup consistency;
  • Consultancy - Bespoke consultancy to such as ensuring your SharePoint project is correct, troubleshooting, upgrade, developer mentoring;
  • Programme Management - Working with your existing infrastructure and IT department, we can get SharePoint working for you;
  • Project Management - Programme implementation with expert guidance;
  • Training - Delivery of classroom training for all stakeholders;
  • Support - We provide 24/7 support for your SharePoint implementations;
  • Intranets - Leverage off our wealth of experience in creating Intranets. Speed up delivery and quality using existing SharePoint modules;
  • Mentoring - We can help development teams by lending you our development manager;
  • SLA's - Need outside expertise and SharePoint management;
  • Training - Delivery of classroom training for all stakeholders; and
  • Infrastructure - Leverage our infrastructure to get your project off the ground quickly.
  • SharePoint 2010 Timesheet Solution

Radimaging Limited

Company Number: 04513381
Telephone: 020 7193 8785
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SharePointSite is a trading name of Radimaging Limited. We are based in London and Bristol.

Please contact us if you are looking for SharePoint expertise, we live and love the product. We are predominately based in London but will operate throughout the UK. We are a small group of IT/SharePoint specialists that have worked extensively together that belief we do provide a better service by removing the bureaucracy affecting IT projects.

Founded by SharePoint professionals with the goal to build an iconic SharePoint services firm that exceeds customer expections by providing quality solutions, reducing client costs and minimising project delivery time.

Mission statement "Hard working people that do the right thing for our clients aiming to be the best we can be with SharePoint."

We know SharePoint and endevour to provide the best solutions to our clients on each engagement.

Registered Office: Radimaging Limited, 2 Southfield Road, Bristol, BS9 3BH. SharePointSite is a trading name used by Radimaging Limited.